Greetings from España!

Hello, family and friends!

Tonight I start the blog that I promised myself and others I would create and update weekly, but never did.

To start, the family is wonderful. There are eight of them: Agustín and María Eugenia, the mother and father, and their six children, Agus, Uge, Mateo, Nuria, Nacho, and Benja. It’s been so wonderful getting to know them all, and even though there are already eight people in the house, they’re nothing but happy to share their home with me. Agustín has graciously given me the opportunity to work in the office for the summer, where I’m combing through the company website and making sure that the English translation sounds natural and is free of errors.

We’ve been doing some sight-seeing, but all of the kids are still in exams, so mostly I’ve just been acclimating to the environment (particularly the eating schedule and the daily challenge of living in a house with more high-quality bread than I’ve ever seen in one place and not eating it all). It’s been good though, I think, to get used to the country before I sign up for the double-decker tour bus. It gives you a little bit more appreciation.

Obviously, I’m here to speak Spanish, and I’m finding it difficult. I’ve had a lot of instances of grammatical error, so many that when I make only one mistake in a complex sentence, I actually physically fist-pump the air and Nuria tells me that she will give me a medal. I’ve been taking Spanish tests and memorizing conjugation formulas for so long that I think it actually came as a surprise to me that this is a living, breathing language that normal people who talk and laugh and gossip and fight use every day. I’m loving the learning experience, but as I said the other night, sometimes I just want to be able to talk. Because these people are nice, and funny, and interesting, and I really want to get to know them! But it takes forever for me to spit out a sentence, and when I do, half the time I get lots of confused looks. But, as almost everybody here has told me, “poco a poco.”



3 thoughts on “Greetings from España!

  1. Mary – I love the way you write. It is humble, compassionate, and draws the reader in. Thanks for writing the blog. Your overly proud, totally biased Dad.

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