Well, I’ve been here for almost three weeks, and I’ve done so much stuff—but I haven’t written about any of it. In my defense, it’s rather difficult to write about the last thing I did when I’m out doing the next thing I’m going to write about. I’m starting to feel like this blog may be a bit more than I can chew.

Regardless, I will persevere. After seeing the Gaudí house, Nuria, Benja, María Eugenia and Agustín took me to see the fountains at Montjuïc. Before we left, Nuria explained it to me. There’s an old palace located on a hill known as Montjuïc, the etymology of which, according to a reliable resource (Wikipedia), traces back to mean either “Hill of Jove” from the Latin root or the medieval Catalan eyebrow-raiser “Jew Mountain,” which sounds a bit like a bad attraction at a PC-questionable theme-park. Nuria told me that there are large and beautiful fountains there that, almost every night, are illuminated and choreographed to music. I asked if she meant like the fountains in Las Vegas. She said that no, she did not.

The fountains were beautiful. It was really cool to see what the artist (?) was able to do with the physics of the water; sometimes it would shoot straight up in pillars, sometimes twirl around, sometimes arc, and sometimes it would create a beautiful, almost foggy Imagemist. The colors ranged from red to green to countless others and were their most gorgeous and vivid when illuminating that mist. Nuria and Benja were serenading each other, Agustín bought María Eugenia a dozen roses, and we actually witnessed a proposal, too! It was one of those moments when you look around and realize that there’s so much concentrated, Hallmark-style perfection that it almost doesn’t feel real. As we were leaving, Benja ran up to the couple, handed the bride-to-be a rose, and in his best English said, “Thank you for visiting Barcelona!” She thought it was adorable (because it was!) and bent down and gave him two big kisses on the cheek.

It was a pretty low-key but awesome night. We didn’t have to go far to see a truly spectacular work of art (and though I’ve never been to Vegas, I’m going to assert myself here and say that this was not quite that).


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